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Brand Building

Websites - Logos - Flyers - Cards - Designs

Brand building is the art of creating a powerful and distinctive identity for your business. This process involves the option to co-create your idea with my design skills in creating a logo, brochure, poster, business card, website, photos, anything that will allow your business to stand out. 


Madleen graduated from the University of Wisconsin Whitewater in 2015 with a Degree in Media Arts and Visual Design minoring in Communications and Advertising. She's had a passion for digital art since she was a child, creating designs through computer games with the inspiration from her father who is a business owner.  Since 2018, Madleen has had the privilege of brand building for start up businesses (website building, flyers, logos, photography) primarily in the wellness industry,  designing flyers for Downtown Portage Chamber of Commerce,  and designing flyers and cards  for events.

She uses Adobe and Canva as her main applications for digital and paper designs and WIX for website development. She has experience with both Wix and Square space but believes Wix offers space for more for creativity.  She enjoys creating her designs and projects around the personality and inspiration she has drawn from her clients to create a finishing product that fits their energy.